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The WebDruid is a piece of software that generates statistics reports for web sites. It is free software, released under the GNU GPL.

It works by reading the log files generated by the web server, and by producing a report written in HTML. This report can then be used by end users with a simple web browser.

Why should i use it rather than product xxx ?

Here are a few cases where you would like to use it.

  • You're webmaster of your own website, you're in charge of your small school website, or a small web agency, and you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a commercial log analysis package...
  • You've got a web site which generates hundreds of thousands of visits a day. The WebDruid might well be the only log analysis tool that would not require you to buy a dedicate machine just to compute basic statistics :-)...
  • You've checked the Roadmap... and you're quite impressed by what the future could be...and you're right! The WebDruid will evolve quickly to implement all these great new features.

Key features

There are many log files analysis tools avaible, both free and commercial. That is what makes the choice so difficult. I'll try to make you find your way in this mess:

  • It's written using the C language, which allows it to be extremely fast. It won't kill the machine on which it runs. That's why many people use it on the same machine that hosts the web site.
  • It works on almost any Unix system
  • Its output is quite tunable through the use of a configuration file or command line parameters
  • It supports Common Logfile Format server logs. In addition, several variations of the Combined Logfile Format are supported.
  • Generated reports are independant, can be moved, copyed, stored on CD. No database system, nor web server is required to read reports.
  • And of course it has its own features no others have:
    • It produces nice graphs displaying what users are doing in the site.
    • It gives a fine grained analysis of what key words in which engines people use to reach each page.


A complete documentation is available in the source archive, and is also here.
It contains all what you need to run The WebDruid on your favourite UNIX Platform.

Demo site

Here is a sample site, showing you a report with all features of the very latest release enabled, so that you can just make your own opinion of The WebDruid.
Better than long talks, just see it in action!