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Here is what i intend to do for a near futur.
Roadmap is avaible as

Beyond what is in the Roadmap, here is the 'spirit' of The WebDruid.
The ultimate goal is to produce a full featured generic web site analysis tool. Here are the areas where i intend to bring improvements:

Open development methods

I do believe that one of the keys for the success of a free software is it's development method. I really like to hear suggestions from other people. If you know the C programming language and/or HTML & XML, and you have suggestions for improvements, or if you have a patch for this really great feature you think should be really useful, just drop me a note.

Ease of use

The WebDruid is already easy to use for the system administrator (at least, i hope so...). But issues have been reported when showing the reports to non technical people. The HTML report may be improved to be easier to understand, maybe by including online explanations, and FAQ in the report itself.


The WebDruid is already a rather fast tool, but there is potential for (at least)a 30% speed increase. This will require to build a custom memory allocation system.


Thanks to the work of Bradford l. Barrett, this tool is already highly customizable. Some people use it just to grab figures from it, and build their own report system on the top of it. I do believe we can do even better, by separating the computation part, from the report generation part. A way to achieve this goal could be to use XML as an intermediate report format.