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16 January 2007 New project maintainer!

Since the end of 2004 Fabien Chevalier is too busy to maintain the Webdruid project. Today Andrew Hutchings take again the project and becomes the main developer of Webdruid. The development is now hosted by SourceForge.

22 june 2004 New release 0.5.4 available!

This is the first release where i didn't do anything, except for updating changelog and creating the source archive. .
The WebDruid users will have to say a big "Thank you!" to these guys :

23 april 2004 Big changes in perspective!

Some important news about the The WebDruid.

  • Yet another release. 0.5.3 fixes 2 small issues, as well as a segfault issue which could happen if path graphs were enabled.
  • Juliana Multimedia have been keen enough to provide the webdruid project with a brand new web site. Thanks a lot for their effort!
  • No more features will be added The WebDruid 0.5.x releases.
    Work is in progress for the next major release of The WebDruid, which will countain numerous changes : Skinned output, XML support, new graphical design, and probably more !

2 april 2004 New minor release 0.5.2 available!

This release fixes various little issues in The WebDruid.
This is the first release of the WebDruid with a reintegrated reverse DNS support.
Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported. IPv6 is enabled at compile time if detected on the target system.
For detailed informations on what is new on this release, please consult the ChangeLog

13 march 2004 About binary releases

Klaus Reimer has built easy to install binaries for Windows. You will find them as usual in the download section.
Moreover, The WebDruid has entered the Debian archives, which means it will probably be part of the next Debian release...thanks to Klaus work again!

29 february 2004 Update release 0.5.1 is out!

Thanks to the feedback received, The WebDruid has seen a lot of compiling & environment detection fixes. Libraries detection system has been rewritten, so that it should be much easier to compile, without any manual makefile tweaking.
This release brings some other minor improvements:

    1. The WebDruid now use true type fonts to draw its charts. Non ASCII characters can now be correctly displayed.
    2. Internationalisation support should be perfect now. What remains to be done is to update translation strings thought.

For detailed informations on what is new on this release, please consult the ChangeLog

21 february 2004 First public release 0.5.0 is out!

This one is the first public release of The WebDruid. For now it looks much like its little brother 'The Webalizer', created by BradFord L. Barrett. But it won't last, as user interface rewrite is quite high in my TODO list
It's based on The Webalizer 2.01-10-18, which contains some enhancements from Debian People. Comparing with The Webalizer, it has the following additional features:

    1. It has a completely redesigned search engines support, which will help a lot in adding new search engines.The WebDruid is also much faster when dealing with a lot of search engines (a 15% speed increase has been reported with 80 engines). It comes with a preloaded list of about 90 engines, so there is a great chance the engines your users use is already in the list.
    2. It can link key-words with search engines, and with URLs. This will certainly make it very usefull for marketing people!
    3. It supports the w3c log format, used by the Microsoft IIS web server.
    4. You don't have de rebuild it anymore to change its language settings. The HTML report language will be the system language.
    5. It's IPv6 aware.

For detailed informations on what is new on this release, please consult the ChangeLog