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The WebDruid is currently available mostly in source form.
It is known to compile on Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 & 3.0, as well as on Cygwin.
But it should compile and run on any UNIX system.
However, there might be some glitches left [read: there are ;-) ] preventing it to compile on other systems. If this is the case drop me a note, and we'll try to fix it toegether.
When you have success with a system other than Linux, you should report to me your system description, so that i can add here that it just works.
I you have built a binary package for your particular platform, you should get in touch with me so that i make it available here.
My e-mail is Andrew Hutchings.

The WebDruid project is now developed on SourceForge, you can download The WebDruid at this address : SourceForge

Windows port

All-in-one easy to install packages for Windows are available Here.
Please not that these packages are provided because they can be useful to some people, but there is not any support of any kind for these binary releases.